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Terms of the Use of the LARS Application

1. Introductory provisions

The following text mentioned below is an agreement that regulates the conditions of the use of the LARS application that is owned and operated by the ANS CR, the state enterprise ( hereafter referred to as an Operator only ), and that is in strict accordance with the Act No. 121/2000 Vol. On the Copyright as amended, under which the ANS CR exercises its property rights to this application.

By using the LARS application its User undertakes to keep to the rules of the above-mentioned Copyright law (hereafter referred to as the Terms of the Use only ).

In case of violation of the Terms of the Use on the part of any of the Users the Operator can enforce measures contained therein.

2. User Account

The User who is interested in using the LARS application shall create a user account in the Single Sign On service for AIM Applications.

The Operator can disable the user account in case the User:

3. Security and Information Protection

The personal data provided by the User are considered confidential by the Operator, they will be used only for the internal purposes, namely for the purposes of protection of the legitimate interests pursued by the Operator or third party. The personal data will not be disclosed to any third party or otherwise misused. When collecting the personal data the Operator is subject to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). Only the data necessary for the technological security of the LARS are collected. The information about the User and his activities in the application are stored in a secure database and are not disclosed to third parties.

The User has the right to ask for the deletion or correction of the personal data (change or cancellation of the reservation) and to execute other rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation via e-mail sent to

4. Delimitation of Responsibilities

The operator does not assume any liability for displaying information to the user device and LARS application availability at any time and place. However, the Operator will make every effort for the immediate removal of the reported errors.

The Operator is not in any way responsible for damages caused by using LARS in violation of these Terms of Use and the law. The use of LARS for a pre-flight briefing is the responsibility of the User.

Use of LARS for pre-flight preparation is in the sole responsibility of the User.

LARS websites can point users to other websites, the Operator, however, is not in any way responsible for the contents, availability or other aspects of such other websites. The information contained on these websites do not reflect the opinion of the Operator.

The User bears the responsibility for his activities associated with the use of LARS and by logging in he declares that he will not use LARS for any activities that could be or even are in conflict with the law or the principles of the use of services provided via the Internet.

The User further undertakes:

5. Copyright

The information obtained through LARS can be used solely for the performance of the local operations at regional airports. Other use or distribution is not permitted.

6. Final provision

The Operator may at any time modify these Terms of Use. The effectiveness of the changes will occur at the moment of their publication on the website, unless the website and / or these Terms of Use explicitly state otherwise.

Any disputes arising from these Terms of Use and / or use of the Site shall be governed by the Czech law.

The scope of rights and obligations, the liability for the infringement of copyright or other rights of intellectual property, the liability of the Operator and the severity of the conditions of use, including the possibility of change, prorogation and the choice of the applicable law is, however, fully governed by these Terms of use, regardless of the wording of the previous sentence.

7. Technické požadavky

Internet Explorer 11 (or higher), Mozilla Firefox 45.0 (or higher), Google Chrome 49.0 (or higher), Safari (iOS 9.3.1) are recommended as web browsers. On other browsers the LARS application was not tested. On other browsers the LARS application was not tested.

The web browser must have JavaScript support activated ( in the default installation of the recommended browsers it is activated).

For reason of the efforts to maximize the quality of services provided through the LARS it is necessary to perform unscheduled maintenance of the application. The Operator will notify the users that during the maintenance the application may not be available.

The terms of use are valid from 13. 10. 2016.